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To make sure your items fit perfectly when they arrive, we've made some measuring guides with handy tips to help you take accurate measurements first time, However, if you don’t take your body measurements properly, you will find yourself even more confused then before.


Leather Baba offers some standard guidelines for finding your perfect fit with their online leather garments.


  • Shoulder
  • Sleeve
  • Chest
  • Waist
  • Length
  • Pants
  • Skirt


Important measurements for Leather Jackets


Shoulder measurements for a leather Jacket: Typically, this should be from the joint where your shoulder meets your arm to the corresponding joint.   Some customizations will tell you to measure from the shoulder blade to the neck, but Leather Baba prefers a full shoulder measurement.  Even though jackets which do not have defined shoulder seams can be fitted without this measurement, it is still important. It is also not a defining measurement for a vest, but it does help to make the fit as perfect as possible.


Sleeve measurement for a perfect fit leather jacket: Let your arm fall naturally (and straight), then measure from the joint where the shoulder meets the arm to joint of your thumb to your hand. Unless the sleeve requires special snaps, buckles, zippers, etc. Leather Baba will normally suggest that you have it shortened at a local seamstress.  Any special customization on a jacket normally means that it is not returnable or refundable, so for an easy cuff adjustment it is wise try the jacket on at home and confirm the perfect fit before deciding if shortening the sleeve is necessary.


This is also the most common measurement to inaccurately determine therefore have it done locally and save yourself any disappointment. A good local tailor can easily do this adjustment.


Chest measurement for a comfortable fitting leather jacket You will want to measure your chest at its widest point which is normally right underneath your arms and across your breast plate.


Waist measurement Again you will want to measure at the widest point, which is normally right across the belly button.


Both of these measurements are vital to a good fit, The chest measurement will allow for a comfortable movement with the arms as well as a good closure with the zip, snaps or buttons on the leather jacket or vest. Since many designs are “fitted” and will hug your figure it safe to say that accurate measurements will make sure that the tummy won’t be sticking out. If you like to where heavy sweaters or lots of layers underneath your leather clothing, then you should measure yourself fully dressed so that the seamstress can take this extra space into consideration when cutting your new leather garment.


Length On a jacket this refers to the total length of the body of the jacket. Start from the base of the neck to where you want the jacket to hang down your back. However, generally speaking, unless you are having a customised fit jacket instead of one our standard sizes, the jacket length will be made in proportion to the cut and fit of the jacket.


Important measurements for Leather Pants


Hips: Look for the widest point on your hips


Waist:  Right across your belly button


Inseam:  Though most times we do not hem the pants, an inseam is needed to be sure that you have the lenght desired


Crotch: For a good fit on your pants, put on a pair of pants with the waist drop exactly where you want it and then measure from the back of the pants, through your legs to the top of the front of the pants.


Thigh:  It helps to have a measurement of the thickest part of your thigh, just to be sure that proportions are suited to you.

Important measurements for Leather Skirt

The length of the skirt should include the waistband. If you are unsure, the hem can be left unfinished and you can have it finished locally. Sometimes you may not be sure which pair of shoes or boots you want to wear the skirt with and it needs a try on first.