Few menswear exhibits as much style, tradition, or masculinity as a leather jacket. Associated with attitude, elegance, class and self-expression, the leather jacket has always been considered as a fashion icon and as a must-have for all, and is still trendy for years to come. An exquisite wardrobe seems to be incomplete without leather jackets.Since their unveiling in the 1920’s, leather jackets have revamped the very idea of a casual wear for protection of cold to an item of luxury. Today one can flaunt a large variety of leather jackets from bomber to biker to aviator, you name it and there you find a leather jacket most suitable for every occasion, be it formal or casual.

History of leather jacket,

The best feature about leather jackets is its longevity and durability. If taken care of properly, it holds its worth over the years. Since leather jackets are often attractive, sturdy, and simple to clean, they stay true to their value too. The best attribute about leather is its easy-to-maintain feature, wiping off marks with damp cloth, removing wrinkles or storing it for the next season needs no special training or professional services.

How do you Maintain a leather jacket?

When it comes to your Leather jackets, you want to keep it looking as nice as you possibly can. You cherish your jacket and likely wear it everywhere with every sort of combination of clothing imaginable. The leather is such a versatile product that makes it simple to wear with anything, but when you end up with wrinkles in your leather jacket, you might be less inclined to wear it. The leather is easy-to-maintain but takes a bit more careful, delicate handling than normal in order to up keep. It should not be cleaned in the same way that you would clean cotton or other usual fabrics. This is because leather can be damaged easily, so it must be treated with caution. Moreover, handling wrinkled leather jacket needs your immediate response. Putting it off can affect your precious leather jacket permanently which of course will be quite heart-wrenching for you. Read on to learn how to remove wrinkles from a leather jacket.

Why do leather jackets get wrinkles?

Wrinkles will start to form on a leather jacket if it is folded up for a long period of time, which is why it’s best to leave it hanging. It can also get wrinkles if it is hanging for a long time especially on a low-quality cheap hanger. They say prevention is better than cure it fits your leather jackets. Preventing wrinkles is much easier than removing them. So the very first advice to follow is, when you invest in your leather jacket, invest in your hangers too, buy good-quality, strong, wide-molded hangers which can hold your precious garments for a longer period of time.

Leather Jackets hangs in a Hanger

But, what happens if you’ve already ignored this advice? Don’t worry! You won’t have to wear a wrinkled leather jacket for the rest of your life. While traditional fabrics are less vulnerable to wrinkles, leather may still produce wrinkles. If you find that your leather jacket has created wrinkles, you can try to remove it out before wearing it. If it is a conventional leather jacket, wrinkles can minimize its cosmetic appeal, along with producing an uncomfortable, unappealing look. However, to remove wrinkles from a leather jacket, it is crucial that you choose the correct solution to guarantee a good result. So, to remove wrinkles from your leather jacket, take the following ideas.

Can you steam the leather jacket

Absolutely yes! However, using powerful cloth steamers can damage the leather of your jacket, and can shrink it if it gets overheated. Instead, steaming your leather jacket in your shower is a better option. The steam from hot shower can turn the wrinkles supple; hence make them easy-to-tend.

Steaming the leather jacket

You can steam your jacket while you take a shower in the morning or at night, while enjoying the hot water for good fifteen to twenty minutes.Take care that your leather jacket does not get wet with droplets of water: they can leave marks on your jacket. The hooks at the back of your bathroom door are the most suitable place for this purpose.

Place the jacket on a hanger

Use a strong hanger which supports your leather jacket during steaming while it is in process of turning pliable due to steam. Place the leather jacket on the hanger.

Turn on your shower - Hot water produces steam

Shut the door of the bathroom and allow the hot water to flow so that steam builds up in your bathroom. Without damaging the jacket, the steam from the shower can softly loosen the wrinkles in your leather jacket.

Hang the coat

Clean them off softly with your hands if there are still a few fine wrinkles left on the jacket when the bathroom cools down after the shower is turned off. Let it hang for a few minutes, and your jacket is good to go! The best option is to wear your leather jacket after steaming, this will make the jacket settle down on your body to avoid further wrinkles.

Can you iron leather jacket

Many people believe that leather jackets cannot be ironed, but it is not always valid. Ironing a leather jacket is usually not advised, although as long as you are very vigilant, it may be used to eliminate wrinkles. Any leather jackets is good to iron and it is actually a very effective way of removing wrinkles from your leather jackets. The key is to ensure that the iron never directly touches the leather.

How to iron leather jacket

It is essential to review the care mark and make sure it is safe before starting to Iron your leather jacket. You may continue ironing it, if the care label does not specifically prohibit from ironing the jacket. Even if it allows, you need to take care that the leather does not get in direct contact with iron or it may be damaged.

Ironing the leather jacket

Place the wrinkled part of the jacket on an ironing board and put on it a piece of cloth, cheesecloth or a towel. The additional layer would provide additional security against the heat of the iron.

Set your Iron - Make sure not too hot

Turn the iron to the lowest possible temperature mark so that the leather is not overheated. It is often advisable to drain all the water in the iron before the start so you do not spill the water on the jacket. First,turn the iron to light mode and then move it lightly over the leather jacket.

Prepare your jacket

Do not move the iron across the leather too slowly as it can damage the leather if the iron stays for too long in a certain area of your jacket. Moreover, never press hard onto the leather forcefully or it will leave marks on your precious garment. The wrinkles can be avoided by a low thermal content and a light touch alone.

Iron the Jacket

Wrinkling out your leather jacket through ironing is a long process and needs patience. Therefore you are advised to try this method out when you have ample time; otherwise you may not be able to resist your urge of ironing your jacket on high temperature, hence ending up in damaging your leather jacket.

“Iron your leather jacket and wear it all day long without any worries”

How to flatten leather jacket

Flattening the leather jacket is another effective technique to remove wrinkles from the jacket and restore its aesthetic feeling. However, it is essential to note that flattening technique works better over a longer period. Therefore, it is best to leave the jacket for flattening overnight. Likewise, it is effective to take out minor wrinkles; however, you will need other methods for taking out major wrinkles.

Lay out the Jacket

Before you start the process, make sure that the surface is flat, smooth and hard. If the surface is not flat and hard enough, it can add to the wrinkles in your leather jacket instead of removing them. Now, place the leather jacket on it and remove all bumps. Make sure that you do not leave any folds in your jacket or it will ruin the leather forever.

Place heavy object on the jacket

Stretch out the wrinkled area with your fingers. Now, place some heavy objects on that particular stretched-out area. A large book, like an encyclopedia or textbook, is better used, however any heavy item will do fine. Leave the objects on top of the jacket overnight and see if the wrinkle is gone.

Leave it flatten

It is a time-consuming method, and requires patience. Never try to remove the heavy object again and again to see whether the wrinkle has gone; it may result in adding up to the wrinkles in your jacket. Try to wear the jacket immediately after removing the heavy object, so that the jacket returns to its original shape.

Wear your Jacket

Try to wear the jacket immediately after removing the heavy object, so that the jacket returns to its initial form.

Take care of your Leather Jacket to ensure that it lasts for many years to come. Use the tips found above to get the job done.