Wear Your Leather Jackets in Casual and Formal Ways. Leather jackets are a true staple for any wardrobe. Not only are they drop dead sexy, they are completely versatile, meaning that you can wear them at virtually any function, with almost any outfit imaginable. This does include occasions like a spicy date night, a casual weekend get-together with friends, a brunch date or a formal office meeting. There is really nothing leather can not go with, and we will show you a few ways a leather jacket can transform any outfit.


Brunch is the perfect time to wear a leather jacket and contrast it with a little bit of colour. Go for vibrant prints or classy florals, or even pair it with an airy lacy dress for a contrast of the bold with the delicate.

Out for Drinks

If you plan on wearing a little dress and cute heels, you can throw a leather jacket over your shoulders to complete the look. If your dress or skirt is a bit more form fitting, opt for a leather jacket that is a little bigger and does not hug you so tightly for a nice contrast to the fitted dress.

Date Night

 If you choose to wear a leather jacket on a date, you will be instilling a bold confidence in yourself along with showing your date that you are comfortable with who you are. Pick a comfortable shape and size that flatters your figure–not some old, beat up, cracked looking thing.

Girls Night Out

Girls nights out is a great opportunity to get together with your friends and make yourself look stylish–not to impress a man, your parents, or your coworkers, but to do it for yourself. This gives you a great opportunity to throw on your favourite leather jacket, no matter the size or shape, and play around with colours and your make up to make it into something you love.

Formal Wear

A cropped-style leather jacket is a nice touch to formal wear, leaving it so that it does not overwhelm and take over your dress. Finding a leather jacket that matches the dress is even better, as it will add texture and form without detracting from the dress itself.

Office Attire

Choose a slim cut and lightweight leather jacket that will serve as a brilliant alternative to a professional blazer. This works especially well with a white button-down shirt and a pencil skirt.

Casual Weekends

Weekends set the stage for an “anything goes” kind of feel. Nothing is stopping you from wearing your favourite oversized leather jacket and a pair of jeans for a casual but chic leather look.

There really is nothing that leather cannot do. You can wear it to work or to the club on a date or to the bookstore. The options are virtually limitless as shown here, so get your own leather jackets in a variety of styles and get ready to change up your everyday wear by injecting a bold fashion statement into every outfit.